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Project Summary – Mortgage Loan Company (UK Headquarters)

Business Challenges

  • To place the company in a strong competitive position as it capitalized on deregulation of the financial services industry by entering the banking arena


  • An assessment was made of skills needed and comparisons made with Best in Class
  • Barriers to change were identified and a plan of action developed
  • Workshops were implemented to Train-the-Trainer on facilitating the new training and how to coach Branch Managers in coaching to the new skills
  • Branch Managers were trained in coaching to the new sales methodology
  • Developed and implemented supporting learning system including videos and distance learning packages
  • Computer systems and marketing materials were modified to support the new learning initiative
  • On-site validation of training and new skills application


  • Training of all 6,400 personnel (including 600+ managers) was completed through an effective Training Cascade within 12 months
  • New Financial Services were in place within a year of commencing the training
  • Improved qualification and acceptance of “risk” at lower organizational levels
  • The company was voted Mortgage Lender of the Year (by a leading Consumer magazine) two years in a row after a year of its entry into the market


  • The company moved up from sixth position to an acknowledged
    leader in its service offerings, and is now the third largest
    financial institution in the UK.