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Project Summary – Large General Contracting Company – Design & Build

Business Challenges

  • This large construction firm manages and constructs multi-million dollar projects around the world. These projects generally entail bringing together owners, engineering firms, and architectural design professionals in a partnering process. Often, this “partnering process” occurs without defining and considering the expectations of each partner.
  • It is difficult to overcome the adversarial relationships brought on by contract conditions that do not promote trust and long-term relationships.
  • There is a focus on eliminating the need for the contractual parties to practice “Turf Protection,” and instead to foster an atmosphere where business is conducted without hidden agendas, hostility, or fear.


  • To create a more productive environment for all of our building Partners
  • Reduce or eliminate conflicts of all kinds by improving the way we communicate with each other
  • Reduce schedule blocks and re-work, thereby maintaining the approved construction schedule
  • Lead the way for our partners (Client, Design Team, Inspection Agencies, and Subcontractors) in conducting business in a fair, open, and trusting way as the means to eliminate profit erosion, conflicts, and claims.
  • Utilize “Partnering” as the means to accomplish our initiatives


  • In a “design-build” environment which included a government owner, we were able to resolve several major conflicts using AlEx™ to expose hidden and unspoken expectations in “real time.”
  • Ongoing communications became much more interactive and without conflict.
  • Tools from our partnering sessions are long lasting and are used by all parties almost daily to insure the success of each stake holder.
  • A reduction in lost time and resources resolving “festered” conflicts, because most are resolved before they reach such a state.


  • The company is well regarded for its ethical standards and continues to steadily increase its profit margins while maintaining a near zero level of customer complaints and no claims.