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About the Author

Nick’s expertise is developed over 25 years of helping clients to reduce sales costs and improve revenue growth in a “must win economy”

Focusing Change to Win

This seminar based on Nick’s new book Focusing Change to Win who he co-authored with Kelly Nwosu.

Consulting & Training Services

The Crispian Advantage’s practice is based on research and project success that helps clients manage change for competitive success.

To Buy Focusing Change To Win:

Focusing Change to Win is a must read and reference for business people regardless of their companies size. Whether you run a family business or public corporation this book has thought provoking tools and questionnaires you can use immediately. Nick Anderson and his co-Author Kelly Nwosu have done a masterful job in distilling over 6000 business leaders’ comments into such a practical set of tools. If you want your next change to be successful, this is essential reading.

Bill Connors

President, Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce