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Project Summary – North American Telecommunications Company

Business Challenges

  • To increase sales in government and education agencies nationally
  • To increase the profitability of deals won
  • To improve sales forecasting by better opportunity qualification
  • To increase competitiveness by reducing tactical predictability
  • To expose competence failures in both sales reps and sales management personnel
  • To determine the size of the sales force now needed


  • Selected four key competencies, related behaviors & evidences
  • Developed self- & manager competency assessment tool
  • Analyzed assessment data and identified key areas for competency
  • improvement
  • Developed communication plan to managers and reps.
  • Feedback results of assessments and the implications for their coaching frequency and focus
  • Introduced Practicum process and the role of the manager and VPs
  • Held 90+ Practicums in four regions
  • Coached VPs and Sales Directors throughout the project
  • Measured the impact of the Practicums on sales, resource utilization


  • Drove $56m in revenue in a 4 month period.
  • Reduced sales costs by eliminating undefined deals, unrealistic goals, and by targeting best opportunities for revenue generation in both non-recurring and reoccurring product areas
  • Increased the number of deal management sessions targeted to actual high volume deals
  • Exposed competent sales reps and tied their behaviors to competencies in question
  • Refocused and energized sales force during difficult times


  • Sales quotas continued to be met where Practicums Process is used.
  • The above led to a project to measure and resolve the degree of misalignment in one Region, as a pilot of the whole of GES. This is using PDS’s aligning expectations software – AlEx™Client