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Project Summary – International Pharmaceutical Company (Canadian Division)

Business Challenges

  • To be No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction within Canadian Pharmaceutical industry
  • Develop and retain the best sales force
  • Sustain sales revenues during an impending merger


  • Focused & Developed strategically aligned Sales Competencies
  • Established a common vocabulary of Sales Competencies
  • Identified opportunities for improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Implemented an intensive coaching program based on a new Sales Competency framework
  • Developed a process to coach & influence Key Opinion Leaders
  • Developed & conducted a series of Coaching Clinics for key sales field personnel and their managers
  • Designed a new set of Marketing Competencies
  • Developed a set of Management Competencies
  • Developed & installed a learning system to support Seibel CRM tool implementation
  • Led initiatives to align CRM tool, sales compensation, recruitment, performance management system, including changing sales reps PDP (Performance Development Plans)
  • Developed competency development tracking software with clients IT Department
  • Coached senior managers during the merger
  • Merged two training departments


  • Increased repeat access to key opinion leaders
  • Empowered key sales personnel to view themselves as independent CEOs of their territory
  • Developed an Influence Model
  • Customer Satisfaction ratings improved from 4th to 2nd inside 12 month period
  • Company made their stretch sales target while going through a merger
  • Senior management attributed increase in sales to the above
  • Level of coaching of reps increased 300%
  • Call averages rose 110%
  • Canada was rated as best managed merger by Corporate HQ


  • Currently implementing a series of Coaching Clinics for Management.
  • The Canadian Division is serving as a referral site for transferring the
    model to other divisions.