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Project Summary – International Information & Data Supply Company

Business Challenges

  • Previous market dominance was being threatened by the increasing maturity and internal resources of their major customers
  • New players were starting to take market share
  • Provincial and Federal environment was deteriorating
  • Market research showed service improvement was needed
  • Different customer segments were looking different levels and types of solution to meet their needs


  • Senior Management interviews and coaching to help them determine the focus of changing behavior needed to realize the benefits of the restructuring of Sales, Customer Service and Solutions Group
  • Gathered Senior Managers and their mangers expectations using AlEx™ Software
  • Analyzed the degrees of misalignment, distraction and slower cycle times
  • Measured the rate of closing misalignment gaps across groups
  • Created a structured process to align both individuals and groups
  • Created and implemented cross-functional Practicums process to help with alignment issues and generate more strategically sales
  • Coached VP Sales and Sales Directors to takeover the Practicum Process


  • Closing rate improved by 66%
  • Sales improved by 25%
  • Developed & managed the new CRM process
  • Realization of what it now takes to sell in the market
  • Robust qualification of sales opportunities
  • Made sales by Calling Higher & Wider
  • Stronger link between our solutions & our clients’ specific values
  • Accelerated development of future consulting services
  • Further reallocation of resources planned to better address clients
    needs & values
  • Realignment of Misfits & Low Performers
  • Radically changed the recruitment profile
  • Redesigned performance contracts & competencies
  • Better discrimination between average & high performers
  • Greater focus on coaching
  • Reduced distraction indices


  • Consulting Group now set up in light of the project
  • New service development has been accelerated