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The Crispian Advantage – Getting People on the Same Page

How often do you work with people and hear….

  • “That’s not what I meant…..He just doesn’t get it”
  • “This is not what I asked for!…..Why does she keep doing that?”
  • “They don’t do what I expect…                                       
  • “You have to be a @#$% mind reader to work here…..“I can never do anything right!”    
  • “They never tell us the whole story!” “Nothing I do is ever right”


These are typical signs of people not being on the same page.

How costly is this?

  • Change failures still run at an average of 50% in USA which covers  S.O.C.K.S:(adapted from Paul Gibbons)
    • Shortfalls, Overruns, Consequences unintended, Killed projects and lack of Sustainable results

How do these sorts of problems impact making a successful change?generation?

From our survey Focusing Change To Win you can see the gamut of change most respondents make annually.What Triggers Change

Whether you work with in a family business or a large corporation, getting on the same page about the direction of your business is crucial to its survival. And that’s where you might want to talk to me.

Over the last 15 years I have helped many family and corporately-owned businesses in Financial Services, Accounting, Telecommunications, Printing, Data Centers as well as Colleges and Government. The organization might be different here but the problems aren’t.

My services start with business coaching often one-on-one with the business owner through facilitating family meetings to business consulting.

My role is not to replace your trusted advisor – attorney, accountant or financial planner but add help add the glue to ensure plans get made and implemented successfully.



If you are interested in having Nick speak to your organization fill out this form.

 Focusing Change to Win

Presenter: Nick Anderson, Principal The Crispian Advantage

This seminar based on Nick’s new book Focusing Change to Win who he co-authored with Kelly Nwosu.

This session provides business leaders with strategies for diagnosing critical areas where they need alignment, and for establishing and maintaining effective communication and team commitment during organizational change.  It will help you answer the question:

  • How well have you communicated your expectations to your people?
  • How well do you understand what your people expect of you?
  • What are the gaps between expectations and assumptions likely to be?
  • What are our options for planning and implementing success change competitively?

“Successful change is personal before it is organizational”

Together we will take a deep-dive into a change issue you face. You will come away with an understanding of where your expectations with key employees are aligned and not aligned, and how critical that alignment is for successful change. You will learn how to clarify and specify your own expectations as well how you can check if they are understood.

What do you get?

  • A copy of Focusing Change to Win
  • A tool, the Four Blocker Alignment Analysis, to identify misalignment
  • A method to help set the right expectations and get people on the same page
  • An understanding of how to align effectively once an expectation is agreed
  • An example of an aligned expectation relevant to your situation
  • An improved chance for successful change in your organization

What preparation is needed?

For a client organization we have preparation guides that asks each participant to come to the session with one to three thoughts that keep you up at night as they relate to key people.

Who should you bring?

Who are the people who aren’t aligned with you? Who do you have a hard time communicating with? Who doesn’t seem to understand your expectations?  Please select one key person who is important to successful change in your organization, to join you.

What will be covered?

This very practical session is based on creating real-life examples using the Four-Blocker Alignment Analysis tool and approach.

Date, Time and Location 

Seminars are run for clients and depending on their needs normally runs from half-day to full-day. They can be run fact-to-face or web based although experience suggest face-to-face gets the best results

Attendance is limited to 20 participants!  Costs start at $150 per person per half day excluding agreed preparation time, travel and accomodation.


Nick is a regular speaker on aspects of his mission:

A seeker of pure light on whose journey fulfills other

His experiences of research in areas like sales effectiveness, coaching and facilitation speak to many years of “seeking pure light” In last 20 years, seeking pure light is helping others achieve consensus and commitment to what this means to their working relationships.

Over the last 10 years Nick and his Partners developed AlEx™ – Aligning Expectations, as he says:

“It’s difficult to expect and reinforce accountability when stakeholders don’t understand or even realize each others’ expectations.

The concept appears simple enough, but the manner in which you deal with the complexities of multiple stakeholders’ expectations can be daunting.  In fact, in the construction or infrastructure environment, it can frequently result in lost time, strained relationships/conflicts and massive cost overrides.

AlEx™ helps align people, and navigate toward productive working relationships that improve the chances for successful change and project implementation.

The Crispian Advantage will facilitate meetings with each of the main groups’ leaders to elicit their perspective on key issues and what they want to be better aligned on with each others’ groups and individuals.  The general flow to this initial work can look like this:

AlEx Graphic

Cliff & Tom Aren’t on the Same Page

  • Develop a consensus of components with all Leaders & Stakeholders
  • Coach key players in generating expectations for each of the component groups
  • Provide analysis and feedback to the leadership team, isolating key initiatives
  • Align the process over the project
  • Develop sufficient trust and transparency as the means to eliminate profit erosion, conflicts and claims
  • Use accountability and evidenced based management as the means to accomplish the initiatives
  • Facilitate managers to coach others to reach higher performance standards that meet their expectations

AlEx™software enables accurate project measurement and accountability over time.  This innovative program enables interaction among stakeholder groups by storing and analyzing the data of hundreds or thousands of expectations.  It then helps map the progress of a project to ensure that all stakeholders are accountable for their agreed expectations.

Learn more about AlEx™

If you are interested in having Nick  speak to your organization he can be reached here.