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 Series Introduction

This series highlights contributions from 1072 Business Leaders and Consultants from 80 countries in 19 Industry Sectors detailed in our new book Focusing Change to Win. Each blog gives some of the key findings and a sample of useful tips. Here are the book sections we are highlighting:

  1. Why is this Book Important?
  2. The Why and What of Change
  3. Why Do People Resist Change?
  4. Why Bother Measuring Change?
  5. How Can Implementing Change Gain Competitive Advantage?
  6. Is Your Organization Thriving or Just Surviving?
  7. How Effectively Are You Communicating Change?
  8. How Can You Lead to Thrive?



Why is this book important?

Here is what Bill Connors, President of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce said:

“Focusing Change to Win is a must read and reference for business people regardless of their company’s size. Whether you run a family business or public corporation, this book has thought provoking tools and questionnaires you can use immediately. Nick Anderson and his co-Author Kelly Nwosu have done a masterful job in distilling over 6000 business leaders’ comments into such a practical set of tools. If you want your next change to be successful, this is essential reading.”

Failed change means lost opportunity, competitive vulnerability, poor revenues and valued employee turnover. But, it’s real impact is increased cynicism and fear which develops hostile and toxic cultures where change resistance is the norm.

So, why is this important now?

  • Change management’s track record isn’t getting any better and, isn’t likely to, if we don’t do different things.
  • Change failure rates continue above 60%
  • Surveyed executives still say people are the main reason for failed change
  • Technology is delivering faster, opportunity-rich yet still often underutilized solutions
  • Many leaders say their current business models are misaligned with emergent realities, unforeseen challenges, and changing priorities.
  • Many also confess they don’t know how to go about fixing what’s no longer delivering sustainable competitive advantage.

Today change management is even more challenging. Unfortunately, any consensus on the causes and solutions of failed change remain elusive. Yet, some organizations do manage successful change. This is what motivated us to ask:

What are the meaningful differences between those that thrive on change and those that just survive?

After analyzing over 6000 business leader comments from 80 countries, there are clearly those leaders who understand this condition and those who do not. They realize that working relationships are increasingly stressed in the drive for ever faster responses to competitive threats and opportunities. Unfortunately, too many are still trying to do things differently not do different things.

In this series we highlight how Focusing Change to Win is a valuable change manual for leaders which distills the collective wisdom of over one thousand business leaders and consultants with ten thousand years of change-management experience. It outlines how the questionnaires and action points can be used to increase the chances of change success.








This internet-based collaboration was borne of their shared concerns of change management’s poor track record. These concerns grew out of their common consulting experience and by the disturbing parallels they found in senior executive surveys since 1996 to present day.

Since 2011, their deepening commitment is fueled by recognizing that managing change has never been more challenging. It is their mission to engage leaders and professionals in finding better ways to implement both successful and competitively sustainable change.

They recognize the body of work in change management is extensive, if not fragmented. Their book captures a set of perspectives from 1072 leaders and consultants from 80 countries and distills logical conclusions while avoiding overly-simplistic prescriptions.

Change Success Expert

Nick Anderson Co-Author

The credibility of their work stems not only from their qualifications but international experience. Nick grew up and was educated in the UK where he lived in multi-cultural communities. This formed the basis for his successful consulting experience in Europe, Middle Est and UK. Kelly on the other hand grew up in Nigeria and completed his education both in the UK and Malaysia. Today, Kelly lives in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria and Nick lives in Boise, Idaho’s State Capital in the USA

This multi-national upbringing and experience has bred humility for recognizing that they do not have all the answers and has been foundational to writing “Focusing Change to Win”.

It is their strong belief is that by developing a community of critical friends, they can deepen understanding and application of more effective change management. To this end they formed New Catalyst, a change management company focusing on training, consulting and research solutions.

The book will be published on 29th Sept. To Pre-Order Focusing Change to Win please complete the form below or use the Buy Now button.



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