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Recommendations for Nick Anderson

Recommendations for Nick Anderson

Principal of The Crispian Advantage

“Nick has a passion for getting people into alignment, which enhances relationships and facilitates results!”
Michael Oswald, Managing Partner, InnovaCounsel; Board Member, Genesis World Mission. Michael was with another company when working with Nick at The Crispian Advantage

“I have been very fortunate to work with Nick Anderson in a couple of different capacities. He has been an extremely helpful executive coach, and he has, personally, mentored me in change management. In addition, he has been an excellent presenter at our local ATD.

Nick’s book is a practical guide to change manage that is a must read for anyone who is leading, participating, or experiencing technology, process, or people changes – Nick is a cutting edge expert on the topic!”

Tim Cormier, Senior Organizational Development/Training Specialist at Blue Cross of Idaho. Nick was a consultant to Tim at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Idaho

“I had the privilege of hearing Nick Anderson speak at the local Project Management Institute Chapter meeting. As a new member of the chapter I wasn’t sure what to expect from the speaker and had every intention of leaning back in my seat, possibly jotting down a few notes. But as Nick’s presentation concluded I was struck by 3 things: 1) I had just taken 5 pages of notes and was amazed that 45min had just past! 2) Nick Anderson has a gift, his dry sense of humor and engaging presentation style made for an enjoyable and memorable evening. 3) I wish my fellow employees could have heard this material firsthand. Nick’s observations about measuring change, aligning expectations, and getting to the heart of data confusion have already had a significant and positive impact on how I run my department. I still have 3 quotes from his presentation on my whiteboard!”

Jared Anders, PMP, Project Manager at USAA. Jared was with another company when working with Nick at The Crispian Advantage

“Nick Anderson is an international education expert who provides invaluable information and perspective to the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce and its Education/Workforce Committee.”
Ray Stark, Senior Vice President at Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce. Ray was with another company when working with Nick at The Crispian Advantage

“In working with Nick, I have found him to be very insightful, practical and experienced. In many ways his experience is so fresh and deep that I did not have to finish complete explanations of our issues, before he understood completely. I strongly recommend Nick Anderson as bringing real value to organizations and their people.”

“I engaged Nick to help organize a new sales initiative including implementing and testing sales processes and technologies. Nick proved to be personable and offered high integrity and great value. I highly recommend Nick for sales strategy and big picture thinking”.

S. Magic Johnson, Chairman of the Board at The eLearning Network. S. Magic was Nick’s client

Senior Partner, PDS Group Ltd

Paul Lemley, Chief Operating Officer Bouma Electric. Hired Nick as a Business Consultant in 2010

“Nick is very knowledgeable in the field of sales and behavioral methodologies. He is also a great teacher. I appreciated the time we spent together working on training and consulting contents.”

Hervé DebaeckerChief Methodologist and COO, PERFLUENCE. Business Partner working with Nick at PDS Group

“It is my pleasure to recommend Nick to any company that is seeking to increase the productivity and effectiveness of their people. You have the ability to bring insight and innovation to the world of high level performance. I am still using many of the coaching techniques that you introduced me to in my global training initiatives. Feel free to use me as reference on the power of your workshops.”

Dan McBrideSenior Consultant, Holden International. Worked directly with Nick at PDS Group

“Nick is a gifted management consultant with exceptionally strong capabilities in the areas of business development, value chain management, and performance improvement. Those businesses looking to enhance strategic their agility and create clear alignment around people, processes, and productivity would be very well served by Nick and his PDS Group team.”

Joe BraidishManaging Principal, Newbridge Services Group, LLC. was with another company when working with Nick at PDS Group

“Nick has the ability to engage teams of people in the most insightful conversations that surface the root cause of problems in organizations. As he works with organizations he creates learning models that teams can grasp an integrate into meaningful performance.”

Jacquelyn WielandManaging Director Solutions Provided. Worked as a Contractor for Nick at PDS Group

“Nick is a creative and supportive organizational, “thought-leader”. He not only uncovers data-based connections that bring immediate bottom-line results to organizations, but also supports colleagues in applying their only creativity to organizational problems.”

Linda ShelorSenior Associate, PDS Group LTD
worked indirectly for Nick at PDS Group

“The independent members of our business exchange center for the private capital marketplace were extremely impressed with Nick’s
professionalism and innovative approach to business planning.”

Michael NallFounder Alliance of Mergers and Acquisition Adviser (AMAA). Hired Nick as a Business Consultant in 2008

“Nick is an excellent speaker and facilitator in the alignment of people and organizations to achieve results.”

Shelly HaugePrincipal, ROCG Americas
was with another company when working with Nick at PDS Group

“I have worked with Nick on many different issues and he is an excellent process implementor and creative problem solver. He is smart and has good sense to quickly decipher complex problems and create deliverables that solve issues. He works hard, is dependable, and understands people. I would recommend his work as a consultant.”

Douglas Rothschild, VP Ritchie Capital Management
hired Nick as a General Contractor in 2007

VP Sales, First Telecommunications

“Nick Anderson is a professional. Nick knows exactly how to ask the right questions to get to the responses and answers that he wants. I consider working with Nick an honor and anyone who has worked with him has learned something from his amazing work habits to his solution selling mentally. Well prepared in any situation that he approaches and I would recommend him to any client.”

Eric Hamilton, Account Executive, First Telecommunications
reported to Nick at First Telecommunications

“I had the pleasure of working for Nick and did not realize the impact until AFTER I returned to my previous job. Nick is expert at analysis, program development, and major account selling strategy. The strategies we developed together have propelled me on to more successes than I ever imagined…Nick comes highly recommended as a business consultant and has a knack for recognizing and developing strategies to cope with change….”

James Dimmer, Major Account Manager, First Telecommunications reported to Nick at First Telecommunications

Head of Development Holden Corporation

“Nick is a person that often is my frame of reference as I consider my experience. Nick got me started. I admire his intelligence and focus. When I become a college President in about five years, I would hire Nick in a heartbeat.”

Kenneth Trzaska, Dean, St Louis Community College was a contractor to Nick at Holden

Head of Effectiveness Consulting, Huthwaite Research Group

Nick is exceptionally hard working and dedicated to bringing success and improvements to people he works with: colleagues and clients. While I worked with him over 11 years, he was constantly looking for new, practical ideas to challenge and improve accepted ways of doing things.

Linda Marsh, Research and Design Manager, Huthwaite International worked with Nick at Huthwaite Research Group

“Nick has made a huge contribution…(He) sold and managed several major research projects, including a huge piece of research for Abbey National. Indeed, he has been the most successful person in Huthwaite in terms of research over the past 10 years..and…has been a major fee earner regularly earning in excess of 200,000 GBP per annum and has kept up a work rate that many would have been impossible for most people.”

Richard Graham, Executive Director Huthwaite Research Group