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How did two guys in different countries write Focusing Change To Win?

How do two professionals from different countries conduct global change management research and co-author a book without ever meeting?

This internet-based collaboration was borne of their shared concerns of change management’s poor track record. These concerns grew out of their common consulting experience and by the disturbing parallels they found in senior executive surveys since 1996 to present day.

Co-Author of Focusing Change To Win

Nick Anderson

Since 2011, their deepening commitment is fueled by recognizing that managing change has never been more challenging. It is their mission to engage leaders and professionals in finding better ways to implement both successful and competitively sustainable change.

They recognize the body of work in change management is extensive, if not fragmented. Their book captures a set of perspectives from 1072 leaders and consultants from 80 countries and distills logical conclusions while avoiding overly-simplistic prescriptions.
The credibility of their work stems not only from their qualifications but international experience. Nick Anderson grew up and was educated in the UK where he lived in multi-cultural communities.

Co-Author of Focusing Change To Win

Kelly Nwosu

This formed the basis for his successful consulting experience in Europe, Middle Est and UK. Kelly Nwosu, on the other, hand grew up in Nigeria and completed his education both in the UK and Malaysia. Today, Kelly lives in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria and Nick lives in Boise, Idaho’s State Capital in the USA.

This multi-national upbringing and experience has bred humility for recognizing that they do not have all the answers and has been foundational to writing “Focusing Change to Win”.
It is their strong belief is that by developing a community of critical friends, they can deepen understanding and application of more effective change management. To this end they formed New Catalyst, a change management company focusing on training, consulting and research solutions.

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