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So, You give them $1000 per head for sales training and a month later the give you $130 back – What!?

Crazy as this seems, surveys and research show this is a common outcome.

There’s got to be a better way to ensure sales executives get a return from their sale training projects. We need to raise the bar in how we select Sales Training providers?

A poor investment?

A poor investment?

What follows is my personal quest for improving the outcomes of such projects

Three reasons kept surfacing in conversations with sales managers:

1.      How Much People Forget.

No matter how well we train sales people and they say they get it, typically most value gained erodes inside 30 days (80%+ is typical)

2.      How hard people find it to change their natural behavior

They get frustrated easily, after seeing the value of change and experiencing progress during a training program, they slip back to their default behavior – their comfort zone.

3.      Even when trained well, coaching is too little and too-outcome focused. And again people revert to their default behavior pattern.

Our experience is not unusual.  All those trying to gain competitive advantage for their companies recognize these problems.

So, we discussed

Why aren’t things improving?